Floating Pointe
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She Waits
She Waits

A Broken mirror beckons . . . trivial, mundane
dripping from a faucet . . . a fashion designer dream.
Paint the room in black and white.
Hear music from a seashell.
Taste such stagnant water.
See a fascist design her dream.

Never a care, never missing a label,
never missed the right pocket.
Then, swept away into the tide.
Is this the moment? Here, while she waits.

Where is this place of which I come to seek,
this timid destiny . . . passed by?
Hidden in my time of trial, a self-loving motivation
amid these living reminders of passions left behind. Here while she waits.

Thoughts are twirling just outside,
the streets spinning round and round.
Emotions race like tracer lights.
Like an ocean rain so strong.
Colors clearer than before
with this light in front of me.
It all makes sense, so vast and simple.
Is this the moment? Here while she waits.
Lyric Credits: Floating Pointe
Music Credits: Floating Pointe
Producer Credits: Floating Pointe
Publisher Credits: Floating Pointe Music
Song Length: 4:54
Primary Genre: Rock-Psychedelic
Secondary Genre: Electronic-Ambient
Tempo / Feel: Floating
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal