Floating Pointe
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I want to swim in a sea of clouds surrounding this vessel and sink deeper and lower until its reality ends my shame without the capacity of knowing what is happening.

I want to swim in a sea of clouds.
I want to run on top of the sky.
I want to sleep in the stars.
I want to live and die in space.

To fade and decay, of loss and conclusion,
in bitterness and sadness, a realized illusion.

To sing of frustration, of grief abandoned,
of charity's facade, of losing my God.

All the while I'm placing priority
in my own trivial redundancy,
over and over and over again.

Lyric Credits: Floating Pointe
Music Credits: Floating Pointe
Producer Credits: Floating Pointe
Publisher Credits: Floating Pointe Music
Song Length: 4:47
Primary Genre: Rock-Psychedelic
Secondary Genre: Electronic-Ambient
Tempo / Feel: Floating